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"This ain't no ordinary lacy-fingered, twinkly-toed dance troupe. These FLY guys are tough, with a streetwise, sideways charm; and they know how to move, too, from their knuckles all the way down to their toenails."
Houston Press



"Witty, challenging, and athletic, "Cookin" took street dance into the performing arts theater, once again pushing the boundaries of contemporary art."
Daily News – Anchorage, AK.



"If FLY's description caused apprehension, its performance turned out to be transparently pure. The choices made have been good ones, for the most part, thanks to artistic director Kathy Wood, that former teacher, and hip-hop choreographer."
Orange County Register.



"On the opening night, FLY Dance Company's boys mixed classical and modern dance, hip hop, and breakdance in their magnificent dance show."
Sirp (Estonia)



"Finally, there was something deeply gratifying about seeing four guys together, dancing for the pure joy of it. They combine unquestionable mastery with a raw style, and that's a hard and valuable thing to find nowadays."
Orange County Register

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