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The Gentlemen Of Hip-Hop

FLY is wowing concert audiences all over the U.S., receiving one standing ovation after another. Why? Because FLY is pure fun — youthful energy, risk-taking movement, and clever choreography set to a mix of surprising musical selections.


FLY’s community outreach touches an average of 50,000 kids annually with educational shows, residencies, and workshops that are unmatched in variety and positive social impact.


Put it all together and we think you will agree…


“There is no other group like FLY Dance Company.”

FLY is what happens when street dance and classical music meet, but that’s not all.


Based in Houston, Texas, FLY Dance Company offers a full range of performances as well as community outreach through edutainment (educational shows), dance workshops, lecture/demos (topics include cyberbullying, healthy eating etc.) and residencies.


FLY’s performance style is called “theatrical hip hop” — “theatrical” because acting is an essential element of the style. FLY has been spreading their infectious “theatrical hip hop” around the world since 1992.  Notable performances include Washington's Kennedy Center, Miller Outdoor Theater, Jacob's Pillow, Vail International Dance Festival, Lincoln Center and Bob Hope Theater


FLY Dance Company is available for worldwide touring and can be tailored to fit any venue and or budget size. 


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