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“Breakin' Classical” is the title given to concerts performed in collaboration with symphony orchestras. The nature of such concerts is largely determined by the orchestra leadership’s choice of performance pieces from FLY’s repertory through requests for particular pieces of music will be accommodated if at all possible.


Typically the process would start with discussions between FLY’s Artistic Director and the symphony’s representative, each knowing what accommodation can be made to produce the type of performance envisioned by the symphony.


If classical music is desired, performance pieces can be taken from the Classical FLY concert. If the symphony wants to consider playing the music from FLY in Concert, those pieces would also be ready-to-go. FLY’s Artistic Director can recommend and discuss the repertory pieces and, if necessary, how they might be adapted.


For this collaboration, considerable time will be necessary for planning and at least one day of rehearsal should be anticipated.


FLY stands ready to do its part to make the presentation a rewarding experience for all.


Recommended for all audiences.




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