Shows are curriculum-based and tailored for the school setting with upbeat, positive music and images. The dancers use signs to reinforce vocabulary, props to illustrate concepts, humor to ease the understanding of content, and audience participation to make it fun.


The talented, comical dancers of FLY invite you to experience the world of Hip Hop in a non-stop, fast-action, fun for all ages show.


The all-male group is youthful, masculine, risk-taking, acrobatic, funky, and fun—who act as well as dance! Through various skits, the students will be informed on how leading a healthy, active lifestyle will improve everyday activities. Then the fun begins as we share some history of the Hip Hop culture, including its origins and inspirations. For the FLY dancers, Hip Hop has not only been empowering but life changing as it has encouraged us to be “leaders” and not followers, which is just one of the many positive social messages throughout the performance.


 Rhythm Ride Takes students on a quest to learn about different drumming styles using Latin, African & American Drums.


Comedic skits flow from one segment to another keeping the students and faculty laughing and entertained. An improv segment between street dancers and drummer is an exciting way Rhythm Ride stands alone. The drummer brings life to each word and move by providing a custom soundtrack to each performance, while stimulating your senses. Rhythm Ride also explores different styles of urban dance where the performers give examples of Break Dancing, which is an expressional, dynamic,  and aggressive dance style, that involves sweeps, kicks, spins, and turns. Join us on the mission to mold, empower, and direct today’s youth through positive life choices and the Performing Arts by booking this New & Fresh show! 


Fly Dance Company is proud to present our new, captivating, and unique educational performance "Fly to the Rescue" where the audience is taught how to be leaders when peer-pressure is presented.


Includes the "Just say No" comedic skit which portrays different ways to say no to drugs. We also tackle serious issues like bullying and inform students alternative ways to resolve their problems by using the theatrical techniques to keep the audience visually and mentally motivated. Be amazed and astonished at how the FLY demonstrates how to change a negative situation into a positive one. The audience will be left breathless by the athleticism and musicality demonstrated by FLY. The audience will join FLY on stage to participate in an inspiring dance-off using improvised movement and choreographed sequences.