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This is the FLY classic. In this concert, performance pieces have been selected with an emphasis on variety, high energy, and fun entertainment. The audience will be engaged from beginning to end, and leave uplifted by dancers who will have given their all to earn their love.



Pop, classical, hip hop, jazz, and Latin with selections from the 18th through the 21st Century.



Bright and colorful.


Dance Movement:

Break dancing, hip hop, contemporary, and acrobatic.



Somewhat Vaudevillian.


Intended Result:

One big love fest.


Musical Selections:

From a variety of composers and performers such as Stravinski, Debussy, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, Three Dog Night, Isaac Hayes, Escala, Vivaldi, Wes Montgomery, Dave Barbour, Funky Lowlives, Rahzel, and James Brown.


Recommended for all audiences.

Recorded music


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