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M.A.D. Discussions: Podcast

Join FLY Dance Company members as they discuss Music, Art, Dance, share funny stories, talk about their experiences, and interview professionals in the industry. Being a performer is one of the greatest experiences you can have in your life but it comes with challenges. "Entertainment with wholesome, universal appeal"-NY Times, "Riveting" -Dance Magazine. Established in 1995 Fly Dance Company: “The Gentlemen of Hip-Hop “ is a world-renowned dance company that tours and performs all around the globe.

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Ep. 1 highlight Police Pecan Pie

Ep. 1 Highlight: Capital Riot

Ep. 1 Highlight: Challenges of Touring

Ep 2. Highlight: Covid 19, FLY loses $50k+ in performances & family members

Ep 2. Highlight: Funny Dancing at Quince's Stories, Stay Flo & over spraying cologne!

Ep. 3 Highlight: 9-year old kid sings about doing drugs?!!! SMH

Ep 2. Highlight: 20 years of Performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre & Jorge's first run-in with Shadow

Ep. 3 Highlight: Rappers dying, clout & does social media cause depression?

Ep. 3 Highlight: Invest in Yourself , The90Three Streetwear Brand

Ep. 4 Highlight: Corny Joke of the Day!

Ep. 4 Highlight: Funny Americas Got Talent & Dr. Pepper story!

Ep. 4 Highlight: "Next thing you know, they get up and..."

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