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Join FLY Dance Company members as they discuss Music, Art, Dance, share funny stories, talk about their experiences and interview professionals in the industry. Being a performer is one of the greatest experiences you can have in your life but it comes with challenges.

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Take a peek into the tour life of FLY and what it takes to be the elite in the entertainment industry.


I go to Rio

Music by: Hugh Jackman


Out of Context

Music by: Antonio Vivaldi



Music by: Leroy Anderson Syncopated Clock

Strings on fire

Music by: Henry Mancini



Music by: Debussy

Orchestra interlude


Music: Early Lounge Music


Rock n' Roll

Music by  Ray Charles , Blue Channel, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Special Guests: FLY Legends


M.A.D. Discussions Podcast

Host: Jorge Casco

Co-host: Shadow

feat: FLY Legends



Music by: Copland

Robot  interlude

Sing, SIng, Sing

Music by Benny Goodman

Rock, Paper, Scissors Interlude


Stars and Stripes

Music by: John Phillips Sousa

Issac  interlude

Cool Pops

Music by James Brown, The Flamingos, Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole.


Music by: Micheal Jackson

Thank You's



Kathy Musick Wood

Founder / Artistic Director

Kathy has spent her professional life in the arts, first as a public school dance teacher and later as a professional director/choreographer for her own dance companies. Always the innovator and motivator, Kathy taught, mentored, and challenged her dancers to ever-higher goals in dance and in life through hard work and courage. 


Her introduction to music came from her father’s dance band that rehearsed in their house. She played saxophone in her school bandfrom 6th through 12th grades as well as her college band. 


With her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art Education with certification in dance Kathy wasrecruited as an art and dance teacher. Always competitive, her dance programs won many state championships. Because of a lack of structure for teaching dance in Texas, she and four others founded the Texas Dance Educators Association for which she was the second president. This program now has over 3000 members. She later was awarded Hall of Fameand Life-time Achievement for that organization. After a 20-year career, she retired.


She quickly became intrigued with hip hop and recognized that it could be made more theatrical and worthy of being put on the stage. In the year 2000, after many years of work with local Houston hip hop dancers, she believed the actual sufficiently matured and was agent ready. In two years, FLY got its break and the rest is history.


Jorge Casco

Co-owner / Executive Director

At the age of 14 Jorge Casco saw FLY Dance Company perform at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston Tx. After graduating high school Jorge joined the group and became an original touring cast member. In 2012 , Adam Quiroz , Chris Cortez, and Jorge  rebranded FLY and gained the attention of the U.S. State Department of education embarking on multiple tours overseas. Shortly after they connected FLY with Randy Chaplin and started collaborating with symphonies across the U.S.


Adam Quiroz

Co-Owner & Director /Principal Dancer

Adam Quiroz first got into dance, mostly being inspired by Hip-Hop and B-Boying.  Known for bringing creative new ideas to b-boying, it enabled him the privilege to attend events all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, France and Holland for competitions and judging. In 2005, Adam decided to branch out from San Antonio to Houston to be apart of Youth Advocates, working with at-risk youth. With Y.A. he was invited to perform for Americas Promise Alliance,which was founded by Gen. Colin Powell in Washington D.C. That was one of his first big performances. Shortly after that he joined the Houston Rockets Launch Crew, an NBA entertainment group and got the opportunity to perform at the NBA All Star Games from 2010-2013. He also traveled with the Rockets to perform in China, Taiwan and the Philippines.  Adam has also worked and performed with various other dance groups most notably performing in Doha,Qatar for the Emir (known as the general/prince).  Performing and teaching students about the positive aspects of "Hip-Hop" has been Adam’s main motive the last few years. Currently a member of  FLY Dance Company he is most excited about building the new legacy of FLY for years to come. 


Chris Cortez

Co-owner / Director

Chris Cortez is the product of one of the first in-school hip-hop dance programs that took place at Spring Oaks Middle School. The program provided three hours a week where he learned choreography, performance skills, and new dance skills.  He was guided by his instructor Kathy Wood, Founder and Artistic Director of FLY Dance Company. Chris Cortez also became an internationally known B-Boy (Break Dancer). He has traveled worldwide since 1998, performing, competing, instructing, and educating the youth about the art of B-Boying & Hip-Hop and its positive impact. Chris successfully organized 12 dance events and competitions in Houston to support and bring a positive message to the community he grew up in. Now, as the Founder of Healthy Hip-Hop and the current director of Fly Dance Company, he is pleased to announce the growth of his after-school program “Healthy Hip-Hop”. Healthy Hip-Hop's mission is to empower the youth through the art of dance and help children build healthy and positive lifestyles for the future.


Jesse Magana

Principal Dancer

Jesse started performing at age 10, working with Kathy Wood’s FLY KiDS group. By the age of 15, he was performing, teaching, competing, and inspiring professionally. Jesse is a college graduate with an associates in business and marketing, also going for a bachelors in advertising. His dream is to become an entrepreneur and own his own entertainment company.  He’ll be touring throughout the US this year and will be a part of a 10+ City Germany Tour for FLY’s 2022-23 season.


Chadwick Franklin

Principal Dancer

Chadwick started his journey into dance at Westside High School after being inspired by his friends and classmates. After graduating he continued his experience by working at John Marshall Middle School under Lori Amare-Bujung as a Dance Instructor. Through instructing youth and creating choreography his love for the arts grew. He also performed with Theresa Chapman at Ronald McDonald's Boo Ball in 2014. He soon joined Sonkiss’d Dance Theater and briefly worked as a Principal Dancer for their Urbanity show, Urban Ballet and toured with them in 2017 in Pennsylvania. After parting ways with the company he found himself joining Fly Dance Company which he has been a member of since the third quarter of 2018. He’ll be touring throughout the US this year and will be a part of a 10+ City Germany Tour for FLY’s 2022-23 season.


Jafar Bryan

Principal Dancer

Jafar joined the “Fly Kids'' performing group at the age of ten. He  was introduced to the group by Andre Cody, Founder & Executive Director of Dance Houston who taught swing dancing in a “Project Row Houses” after school program. Learning the FLY style of choreography, “theatrical hip-hop”, Jafar studied under FLY Dance Company founder, Kathy Wood. Jafar quickly excelled as a  FLY Kids member and received the” Audience Choice Award” from Dance Houston in 2006. Jafar joined FLY Dance Company in 2018 and has participated in countless workshops, classes and performances across the US. He’s especially proud to be an instructor for Houston Healthy Hip-Hop, (founded by FLY co-owner Chris Cortez)where he teaches dance to the youth in Houston and surrounding areas.  He’ll be touring throughout the US this year and will be a part of a 10+ City Germany Tour for FLY’s 2022-23 season.


Shamond Powell

Principal Dancer

Born in 1997, Shamond Powell began dancing in 2008 with an after-school hip hop class. Throughout high school he was Lieutenant of Choreography for Inertia Dance company; this was followed by a scholarship to TSU. Shamond later returned to Westside as a choreographer and then as a repeat guest instructor at Budewig Intermediate School for ages 8 – 12. In 2019 Shamond joined FLY Dance Company. His dynamic moves and stage presence captivate the audience at every performance. He’ll be touring throughout the US this year and will be a part of a 10+ City Germany Tour for FLY’s 2022-23 season.


kenny louis

Principal Dancer

Kenny Louis, the oldest of five was born in Les Cayes, Haiti and moved to Houston at the age of 2. Kenny first saw B-Boying in the 8th grade. Soon after, he joined Westside High School's dance team called "Inertia". While on Inertia he won national dance champion back-to-back for the first time in Westside’s history. His high school program gave him a lot of performing experience, performing at Houston events and landmarks. His work, dance and community outreach has taken him around the country and also to Haiti, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala with more to come. Kenny has become a recognized Red Bull B-boy, a Dance Houston Artist, and a Houston Rockets Launch Crew entertainer. Through believing in himself Kenny feels that Hip Hop has saved his life and made him to the man He is today



Created by Jorge Casco , Executive Director of FLY and founder of Ondi Love. Proceeds of the book go towards funding after-school programs in Houston and surrounding areas. 



Edited Image 2016-05-20 05-40-54

Mario Jaramillo

FLY Legend

Mario Jaramillo is a visual and performance artist, graphic designer, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. His position of leadership within the local hip-hop community extends back to his adolescence as a founding member of Fly dance company and Havikoro Crew that went on to gain international acclaim for its talent and innovation. Through this ensemble, Mr. Jaramillo also organizes missions to promote education, community building, and positive hip-hop in countries around the world in collaboration with the American state department's cultural exchange initiatives. Featured on TedxHouston 2011. Mario Jaramillo has a long history of leading cultural exchanges abroad and furthering Houston's global connections, In April of this year, he traveled to Basrah to lead an extensive cultural exchange program. Hosted by one of Houston's key partners in our sister city relationship, the U.S. Consulate General in Basrah, the program consisted of a series of theater and dance workshops. For his work in Basrah, Iraq, Mayor Sylvester Turner, City of Houston proclaimed June 21st, 2016 - Mario Jaramillo Day. Mario is a proud father and husband who enjoys spending his time with his wife and 3 boys.


Ragland Babineaux

FLY Legend

Ragland started dancing at the age of 9 and danced professionally till his early 30’s. Ragland is an original  FLY Dance Company member who performed with the company for 4 years, including performances in the US and Europe. Ragland has also performed for  LA Mafia Tejano Band,  LA Difirencia,Tejano Music awards,Addias, & Planet Funk.Ragland and Gary “Shadow” Williams were the 1st male hip hop dancers hired to perform during halftime for the Houston Rockets. They were such a hit, the organization created the  “Houston Rockets Launch Crew” who perform at games to this day. Ragland combined hip-hop, house, breakin, and gymnastics to create a style of his own. A pioneer in the Houston Dance scene, Ragland’s style, grace and music interpretation was second to none, on the stage or during battles. A devoted father and husband, Ragland's greatest accomplishment is his family, wife Monica, daughter Kayla, and son PJ. His life quote is “Keep God first and reach for the stars.


Tobias Junious

FLY Legend

Tobi grew up in the Northside of Houston, and was influenced by Soul Train, James Brown, and Micheal Jackson’ robot moves at an early age.Taking that experience plus his humorous attitude, Tobi's dance persona was born. Growing up he danced with Houston based dance crews, W.H.Y.N.O.S., K.O.R.O, and HaviKoro. Dance allowed Tobi to meet many people along the way, but most importantly it molded him to be a better person. Meeting FLY Founder Kathy Wood  was one of the best highlights of his life, which led him to join FLY in his early 20’s. Tobi performed with the company for 4 years, including performances in the US and Europe. His love for different styles of dance will never go away. Tobi is now married to his beautiful wife (Linda) & a proud father to his handsome newborn son (Tobias Jr.)


Chris Gamez

FLY Legend

Chris was born and raised in Houston, Tx. One of the founding members of the original Fly Dance Co. During his performance career, he established a relationship with the US Embassy’s abroad traveling and promoting American Cultural to 3rd World Countries. He has since then gone on to become the Senior Pastor of The Worship Experience Church and is currently part owner of Urgeworks Construction. (visit for your construction needs)

A loving family man, Chris enjoys watching his kids grow and spending time with his beautiful wife Monique.


Gary “Shadow Black” Williams

FLY Legend


Gary “Shadow Black” Williams is a native Houstonian by way of Washington, D.C. He is one of the founding members of Fly Dance Co in 1995. Gary and Ragland were the 1st male hip hop  dancers hired to perform during halftime for the Houston Rockets. They were such a hit, the organization created the  “Houston Rockets Launch Crew” who perform at games to this day.  His love of dance inspired him to pursue a career in music production in 1998 and he is still active in the music/entertainment  industry today.  Gary has produced for the likes of Paul Wall, Killa Kayleon, Lil Keke, Big pokey, Devin the Dude, Chucky Trill, and many more! 


Issac Barron

FLY Legend

Isaac Barron was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is a life long Hip Hop head and dancer specializing in breaking, house and various styles of street dance. His talents have taken him all over the world and his accomplishments include a week long residency at the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, 2 month long residencies at the Uppercut Danse Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark, a cultural exchange with the Native American community in Fairbanks, Alaska and a partnership with the U.S. State Department doing cultural diplomacy programs in Eastern Europe and Asia. Isaac is a former principal dancer for Fly Dance Company and also Launch Crew of the Houston Rockets. 

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