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FLY Dance Company’s concerts are a unique combination of entertainment and art—a high-energy, non-stop mix of hip-hop, classical, and modern dance with an added touch of Vaudeville. The choreography by Kathy Musick Wood is action-packed with ensembles and solos, pure dance movement, acrobatic tricks, acting, and frequent entrances and exits. Each of the three concerts listed below draws from FLY's extensive repertory. The music is varied with styles and genres thoughtfully mixed for change-of-pace or mood. The dancers are all street dancers —youthful, masculine, risk-taking, acrobatic, funky, and fun—who act as well as dance. FLY attracts highly diverse audiences appealing to young and old, male and female, sophisticated and unsophisticated, and all ethnicities and cultures encountered to date. From the concert’s opener, FLY invites the audience to join their on-stage fun… and it’s contagious. Standing ovations have become the norm and audiences leave the theater delighted. And, adding that FLY members are professional, reliable, and easy to work with, we can say: There really is no other group like FLY, the Gentlemen of Hip Hop.


Multiple Concerts

The concerts FLY currently offers are …

FLY in Concert”     The FLY classic. It uses a wide variety of music.

Classical FLY”       Uses classical music only.

Symphonic FLY”   Customized selections of music from FLY’s concert repertory.



FLY adapts its concerts for the audiences anticipated for Performing Arts Presenters, Performances with Symphony Orchestras, College Student Activities, and Concerts for Youth Audiences by selecting the most appropriate repertory pieces and, in some cases, adding elements from educational shows.


Concert Length

Full Length — Approximately 90 minutes with a 20-minute intermission.

Mini Length — Approximately 60 minutes including introductions of the dance pieces and interludes.


Touring Group Sizes

Small — 4 to 5 dancers

Large — 6 to 10 dancers

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